How To Keep Warm When Riding Your Motorcyle

There’s nothing like jumping on your bike and setting off on an open-road adventure. While most motorcycle enthusiasts feel this way all year-round, some riders live in places where the colder months can make a ride less than enjoyable.

In fact, it can make it downright miserable. Fortunately, the advancements that have been made in cold-weather riding apparel can thaw out even the most frigid rider.

Staying warm on your ride isn’t just a matter of comfort; it’s a matter of safety. When road conditions are hazardous, as is often the case during the winter months, it is imperative to stay focused. When your mind is preoccupied thinking about how cold you are your full attention isn’t on your surroundings.

Also, reduced feeling in your hands and feet make operating your bike’s controls difficult at best. There is heated riding gear for practically every part of your body. From socks to hats, these pieces will keep you warm even on the frostiest winter days.

Why take chances with your safety or sacrifice your comfort with so many remarkable products on the market today?

Heated Socks

Cold feet can make for an awful riding experience. It seems that you could put on infinite layers of socks and still not be able to get them warm.

Adding to the discomfort is the tightness of your boots with all those socks on. Heated socks are the perfect solution. There are multiple brands that offer a combination of warmth and convenience with no layering necessary. Prices vary but in the 99.00-299.00 range, you can expect some pretty nifty features.

For around 99.00, you can buy moisture-wicking socks that offer three heat settings and up to 11 hours of heat, depending on what setting you keep them on.

An impressive feature that will definitely make life on the road more convenient is a wireless remote to control the heat level. No having to stop and remove your boots to change the heat setting. Just hook the remote to your keys or put it in your pocket and keep on riding.

In the 150.00 price range, socks can come with four heat settings. An incredible ten hours of battery life will make even the longest road trips a joy. Rechargeable batteries mean a long life for these socks as the batteries can be charged hundreds of times, potentially lasting years.

If you are looking for top-of-the-line heated socks that offer the utmost in comfort and ease-of-use, 299.00 will buy you just that. With three heat settings providing up to 14 hours of heat, you could ride from North Carolina to Florida easily on one charge.

Rechargeable batteries will keep these socks working for you for years to come and extra padding reduces boot irritation. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to control the heat setting from your smartphone, a handy feature that you are sure to love.

Heated Headgear

Even though your helmet is designed to protect your head, it is not necessarily designed to keep it warm. Blustery winds and wet weather can take a toll on your face and ears but luckily, there are items available to keep your head as comfy as your feet. Around 99.00 each, you’ll find these options to be worth every penny.

Cozy, fleece heated hats put an end to your freezing head woes with its heating elements placed mainly around the ears.

Three heat settings allow for warmth up to 130 degrees with a battery life of 4.5 hours. Weather resistance make it ideal for all riding conditions and when it gets dirty, a toss in the washer makes it good as new.

If you’re riding in more extreme conditions or are just looking for a little extra protection than that of a hat, consider a heated fleece balaclava.

This style of hat covers almost the entire face while still focusing its heat around the ears. Excellent defense from the elements, it boasts all the same features as the hat above.

Heated Baselayers

While piling on layer upon layer of clothing for cold weather has long been considered the norm, today’s technology has rendered it practically unnecessary. Body-hugging heated base apparel is designed to transfer heat deep into the body’s core, keeping you at peak comfort during your ride.

For 140.00, you can get a base shirt that has four heating panels that will warm your entire torso. Multiple heat settings are available with the highest warming you up to 170 degrees for up to 15 hours.

A few more dollars will get you a few more features. For around 180.00, you’ll get a shirt that has three heating panels, warming your chest and upper back. While it only warms up to 130 degrees for a maximum of 4.5 hours, it is machine washable. Another notable attribute is that this shirt will charge other USB devices. Of course, it will lessen the available heating time but is nice to have in a pinch.

While warming your toes, head and torso, don’t forget about your legs. Heated base pants are an item you will absolutely not want to take to the road without. You will find 159.00 to be a sound investment for pants that offer four heat settings with up to ten hours of warming time.

 These moisture-wicking pants include three heating elements that cover the lower back and both thighs along with a rechargeable battery. You will find these pants incredibly easy to control with the added benefit of Bluetooth.

Heated Gloves

Keeping your hands warm during a ride is not just for comfort’s sake. As stated earlier, numb fingers can make trying to operate your bike’s controls extremely hard. But just as there’s heated clothing for every other part of the body, your hands need not be left out in the cold, so to speak.

You can purchase gloves for around 150.00 that heat up in about 30 seconds. Velvet-lined with padded knuckles, these gloves have three heat settings and a rechargeable battery that lasts 2.5-4 hours per charge. These would be an ideal choice for shorter trips.

If you know that you will only be using your heated gloves on your motorcycle or perhaps a snowmobile, 180.00 will buy you a pair that will need to be plugged in to heat as they have no battery.

This can be a great thing as you will never have to worry about running out of heat due to a dead battery. Conversely, it limits where you can use them. These gloves do include three heat settings and warm every part of the hand. Pre-curved fingers make them ergonomic which will aid in the ease of use.

For 280.00, you will own premium, fleece-lined goatskin gloves that are designed for the ultimate in comfort. Included are four heat settings that range from 90-135 degrees and a rechargeable battery good for up to eight hours.

These gloves are also a great choice for the days that you may need just a little warmth as opposed to a fully-heated glove. They are extra insulated so that they provide a comfortable level of warmth even when turned off.

Heated Jackets

Whether you are looking double up on the warmth factor by pairing these up with your heated base layers or just wanting some extra warm outerwear, there are jackets and pants that will fit the bill.

You can purchase a jacket liner for around 270.00 that will fit perfectly under your favorite riding jacket. Jacket liners are slim-fitting and made to move with your body without adding extra bulk. Including heating panels on the collar, chest, back and sleeves, it has three heat settings perfect for any riding conditions.

 This liner has pre-wired glove connectors and does need to be plugged in to your bike’s power source in order to work.

If you’re in the market for a new motorcycle jacket, you can get a fully-heated one with a wireless remote for 300.00. Reaching a high temperature of 135 degrees, there are seven heating panels (one on the collar as well as two on the chest, back and sleeves) that will provide a comfortable ride any day of the year.

Although it is thin enough to wear under another jacket, it is weather-resistant enough to be worn alone. It will need to be connected to your motorcycle’s power source and does include glove connectors.

Heated pants are a great addition to your riding wardrobe. There are plenty on the market but this 300.00 option are perfect for any condition. With the ability to run on a battery or your bike’s power, you can wear these for any outdoor activity.

 They include a fleece and insulated lining and can get up to 149 degrees with a maximum battery life of 20 hours. These pants are also wind and weather resistant, making them a great all-weather option.

With so many incredible products available, it is easier than ever to stay protected from the elements while enjoying your ride. Staying warm is crucial and investing in the proper equipment will help keep you shielded from the worst that Mother Nature has to offer!

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