Outdoor Research Lucent Heated Glove Review


Looking to stay toasty this winter with the Outdoor Research Lucent heated gloves?

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Outdoor Research Lucent review

Company: Outdoor Research

Price: $$$$

Rating: 8.5/10

Summary: The Lucent's from Outdoor Research are one of the best heated gloves on the market and they can pretty much keep any person warm.

They're versatile so you can take them skiing, snowboarding, hiking or you can wear them during any physical activity in the cold.

They are built to last and I know they will keep your hands warm no matter how low the temperature dips. 

They are pricey, however, and if you'd like to see how much they cost, click below:

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The story of Outdoor Research began in Alaska back in 1981. Nuclear physicist Ron Gregg joined his climbing partner for a mountaineering expedition up Denali, the highest peak in North America. 

The higher they went, the lower the temperature became, reaching up to a freezing -20°F. The trouble began when a pair of gaiters worn by Gregg's climbing partner failed, resulting in a frostbite so severe he had to be airlifted to safety.

Gregg, however, refused to be airlifted and spent the next two grueling weeks of the descent alone. During the descent, he mulled over what went wrong with the expedition and resolved to find ways to improve climbing gear so a similar event won't happen again. He quit his job after the failed Denali expedition, and created Outdoor Research. The rest, as they say, is history.

Outdoor Research was borne out of Ron Gregg's desire to have the safest,most reliable, and innovative adventure apparel and gear -- and that mission hasn't changed nearly 40 years after his fateful ascent on Denali. Today, the company offers a diverse array of premium adventure gear and apparel for both men and women.

 Although the company began with climbing gear, it has come a long way when it comes to innovation. The company offers basic adventure apparel, such as hats, jackets, pants, shirts, and vests. Essential adventure accessories, such as balaclavas, gaiters, and ear bands, are also available to purchase online.

Adventurers can also buy bivy sacks, dry bags, and packs online and from Outdoor Research partner distributors worldwide.       

MAny high Quality features

One of Outdoor Research's most popular products is the Lucent Heated Glove, a one-of-its-kind glove created especially for grizzled alpine climbers and skiers but can also be used by weekend warriors. 

These are not your ordinary gloves (that’s evident even at first glance), and they are designed and manufactured to be worn in the most inhospitable environments while enduring regular wear and tear.

The outermost layer of the Lucent Heated Glove is made of nylon, a synthetic fiber that resembles silk after it is woven, and is known for its strength and elasticity.

 It has the ability to withstand high temperature, and it is chemical and heat-resistant. Thanks to its durability and versatility, nylon is turned is typically woven and turned into ropes, hosiery, and parachutes. 

Though durable, nylon doesn't rank high when it comes to insulation or waterproofing. That's why the team at Outdoor Research decided to reinforce the gloves with Gore-Tex waterproof breathable inserts. The Gore-Tex inserts block melted snow and rain, making it crucial during mountaineering expeditions and alpine skiing.

These are also great all-around gloves for people who work in freezing environments, such as ski trainers, forest workers, and environmental scientists. Apart from keeping the hands dry, the Gore-Tex inserts also adds an additional layer to protect the hands from the cold.

Water resistant and Comfortable

The Lucent Heated Gloves' water-resistant properties on the palm areas are reinforced by a layer of durable goat leather. Although it can effectively block water from seeping into the palm, the leather is not hard at all and is supple enough to allow wearers to securely hold onto their ski poles, ice axes, or smartphones.

Wearing gloves can sometimes get uncomfortable, especially if the lining fabric is not right. Outdoor Research knows that a good outer layer is just as important as the lining, that's why its team of designers decided to line the gloves with soft and luxurious polar fleece.

Additional insulation is provided by the synthetic Enduraloft panels sewn on the back of the hand, at the gauntlet, and at the palm. The wrists are elasticized and cinched to make sure that the snow and cold stay out, while the knuckles are reinforced and protected with molded EVA foam.

It's no secret that this particular glove can hurt your wallet as each pair retails between $265 to $329. But these gloves are far from your ordinary ones -- hence, the hefty price tag. The nylon outer layer, the insulating lining, and the waterproofing materials are great for mild winters.

But if you're planning to ascend Mount Logan or if you're going to work in the Arctic region for several months, then the Lucent Heated Gloves are your hands' best protection from the cold or frostbite thanks to their integrated heating elements.

Toasty heating Elements and Good bAttery

Unlike other heated gloves where the heating elements are integrated underneath the shell, each glove comes with a cutting-edge heating element that is completely woven into the inner fabric. This positioning ensures that the heat is evenly distributed on the fingers and the back of the hand. 

The heating elements are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries which are conveniently stored inside the pockets located at the wrists. The pockets are zipped so the batteries are secured and won't fall out whether you're skiing, shoveling snow, or operating a piece of machinery.

The battery lasts nearly 3 hours when set on high and up to 5 hours when set on medium. The warmth the battery-powered heating elements provide can last up to 8 hours when set on low. Simply press the power button located on top the gauntlet to power it on/turn it off or adjust the temperature setting from low to medium to high. The button changes color when the temperature is switched from low to high.

Other bonus features include curved fingers which allow you to grasp your phone or a pair of ski poles naturally, and pull loops so you can easily take the gloves on or off. The gloves come with a charger, as well as a rectangular carrying case that is both light and easy to fit inside your luggage or backpack.

The Lucent Heated Gloves can be pricey, but its high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology are worth every dollar you spend on them. Plus, all Outdoor Research gear are covered by the company's Infinite Guarantee®. Simply file a warranty claim on a defective gear and Outdoor Research will take of it. Outdoor Research apparel and gear are available to order online or via sports apparel dealers nationwide.       

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